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Station Lock Module (Mini DVL)

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Station Lock Module (Mini DVL)

Achieve highly accurate and steady holds of your ROV’s position
for your professional inspections and operations.


Advanced Station Locking

Achieve advanced ROV station lock and control capabilities, and experience a whole new level of stability and control when operating the FIFISH ROV. Take on advanced operations typically undertaken by considerably larger vehicles.


Stability & Precision

Achieve station keeping in challenging situations like ocean currents or tether pull. Thanks to its increased stability, the quality of the video will improve dramatically as the FIFISH ROV pilot carries out operations with increased confidence.



Compact & Rugged Design

Designed and developed at an affordable price, while ensuring it’s simple for anyone to use. Enabled by proprietary transducer design, developing advanced algorithms and removing every millimeter of space that’s not absolutely needed.



Total & Integrated Solution

Integrated with the FIFISH APP, the station lock system is an optimal solution to maintain stability while operating ROV tools or performing detail inspections. Highly suitable for offshore operations, structural inspections, and various comprehensive marine industrial applications.



Supply Voltage 10V to 30V
Power Consumption 0.25A@12V
Depth V6 Series | 150m
W6 Version | 300m
Frequency 1MHz
Transducer Setup 4-beam Convex Janus Array
Minimum Altitude 5cm
Maximum Altitude 50m
Maximum Velocity 3.75m/s
Velocity Resolution 0.1mm/s
QYSEA Application Station Lock
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