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360° OmniView underwater drone,
with a 4K · 60FPS high frame-rate camera
& multi-tool integration

A Closer Look




166° Ultra Wide Lens

See the bigger picture and discover an extraordinary world below. Go beyond a conventional underwater lens to achieve a greater impact with your visuals.




5000 Ultra-bright Lumen LEDs

FIFISH V-EVO comes equipped with a pair of combined 5000 lumens · 5500K white LED lights. Optimize your vision across the deep sea and restore the colors of the world below, especially through dark and turbid environments.




Explore Without Limits

Reach beyond the limits of traditional methods, and achieve full 360° freedom in underwater mobility, hovering and posture holds. Turn your creative imagination into cinematic 4K imaging reality.




VR Immersive Control

Delivering unique sensory controls powered by the FIFSH APP and smart Goggle, take full 360° control of the FIFISH's view and path simply by moving and turning your head. Smart, accurate, and easy to use, empower your dives with the all-new FPV control.




AI Vision Lock

FIFISH V-EVO’s Vision Lock feature unleashes a range of intuitive capabilities that keep your subjects securely in focus. Determine the position of objects with high precision, adaptively and automatically moving to lock onto subjects in real-time.




Enhance Your Abilities

The FIFISH V-EVO's hydrodynamic, fluid, and rugged water droplet design ensures minimal resistance against ocean currents, allowing for longer dives. An attachment port accommodates a variety of tools, enabling integration and versatility for various tasks and scenarios.

What upgrades & advantages does the FIFISH V-EVO have?

FIFISH V-EVO is the first underwater drone to feature a 4K 60 FPS camera and 360-degree omnidirectional movement, giving explorers and filmmakers the ability to capture stunning underwater moments in high-resolution quality. Additional unique features include the following:

  • 4K · 60 FPS High frame-rate camera
  • 5000 · 5500K Lumen LED Lights
  • 360° OmniView Capture, with 166° ultra-wide lens
  • Multi-tool attachment capabilities
  • Range of AI vision locking and enhancement capabilities

What are the advantages of the FIFISH's imaging system?

Lastly, QYSEA delivers optimized imaging through a robust camera system and smart visual algorithms. Equipped with a single or dual 4K UHD camera system, along with a 166° field-of-view lens and ultra-bright LED lights between 4000-6000 lumens, the details, and colors of surrounding underwater environments are fully captured and realized.

In addition, QYSEA's low-latency camera system and self-developed AI algorithms deliver vibrant imagery among turbid environments while removing all unwanted distortions, resulting in the most capable camera solution yet among small-sized ROVs.

How does Omnidirectional mobility work on the FIFISH?

The FIFISH's patented motor arrangement delivers the user complete 360° freedom to move in all directions and angles underwater (Omnidirectional Movement).

Delivering '6 Degrees of Freedom, the FIFISH can move left & right, up & down, forward & backward, as well as rotate in 360° pitches (y-axis), 360° rolls (x-axis), and 360° yaws (z-axis).

In addition, the FIFISH's Posture Lock™ function enables operators to maintain the ROV's angle position, while moving forwards or backwards simultaneously.

How can I download images & videos from the FIFISH?

With settings on the FIFISH APP, Images and videos can be transferred through two methods:

  • From the FIFISH ROV to the MicroSD card inserted in the controller
  • From the FIFISH ROV to your person smart device

What are the differences in the packages of the FIFISH V-EVO?

The FIFISH V-EVO comes standard with FIFISH V-EVO Underwater Drone, tether reel, remote controller, and chargers in a durable box case. Essential differences between the packages include:

  • Standard Pack: Standard Box Packaging, with 100m Tether Reel
  • Standard + Robotic Arm Pack: Standard Box Packaging, Robotic Arm with 100m Tether Reel

What APP do I need in order to use the FIFISH?

The FIFISH APP is required for connecting to the main camera of the FIFISH ROV, as well as recording dive logs and footage. The APP can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and Apple Store, by searching 'FIFISH' or QYSEA'.

The FIFISH APP download file can also be found HERE.