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4-in-1 Water Quality Sensor

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*Performance may vary for different options. For example, the length of cable affects its speed of signal transmission, data syncing or charging.


4-in-1 Quality Sensor

Monitor and record the amount of dissolved oxygen, dissolved salt, scattered light, and alkalinity in water contents across different subsea environments.

Dissolved Oxygen Depth Rating 4ppb - 40ppm or 0.1 - 1000mbar(pO2)
Dissolved Oxygen Maximum Resolution 0.001ppm
Turbidity Meter Depth Rating 0-4000NTU
Turbidity Meter Depth Rating 0.1 NTU
Conductivity Depth Rating 0 ~ 20 ms/cm; 0 ~ 100 ms/cm
0 ~ 200 ms/cm; 0 ~ 500 ms/cm
0 ~ 1000 ms/cm; 0 ~ 2000 ms/cm
Conductivity Measurement Accuracy 1%
pH Value Measurement Range pH 0~14
pH Value Minimum Conductivity of the Medium 5μS/cm
Which FIFISH ROV model is the add-on tool compatible with?

This add-on tool is compatible with the following FIFISH Underwater Robots: